Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Animate it!

Last week marked the start of term two for the IT Tech Kids here at Addnet Digital. This term is all about animation – video animation, clay animation, stop motion. You name it, these kids are animating it. 

A new term for the ITkids at Addnet

Several of the kids have already started some projects on different kind of animations. Watch this space for their upcoming videos! 

Addnet Digital, which is made up of pre-high school and high school kids, has embarked on making a short film. After coming up with the story, the kids have been experimenting with the filming, lighting and different camera angles. The finished project will be posted on youtube and on this blog. It's a silent horror, so be afraid. Be very afraid. 


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Award Ceremony

This term our theme is audio and video. In the first session we focused on making a stop motion movie with stick figures.

We also had an award ceremony for the best Kodu game development from last term and the first prize went to...........roffle.......roffle........Joseph, who developed the game "Kodu Gauntlet". Nathaniel won the second prize for a game where a Kodu had to eat the fishes in a pond. The prizes were sponsored by Supervalue Supermarket on Lincoln Road, Addington.
Greg presents the winning game to you on youtube:

Building circuits with Arduino

Our newest toy is an Arduino which some students are already enjoying.

Greg worked with some of the kids on a circuit with the Arduino and a Sparkfun electronics kit. Arduino is open source electronics for creating interactive objects.

A bunch of very intent people building their first circuit

Making a little light show
Janet has been working with Addington Digital students on film making. Here they are learning about panning and lifting. They made the first shots of their short movie

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Presentation time

We are nearly at the end of the first 12 sessions of the year and this was presentation time. The children are encouraged to show their work and explain what they've made.They are allowed to demonstrate how to make something and if it's a game, they show how to play it.
We had several presentations today. A couple of children wanted to finish their Kodu game first and so they'll get a chance to show it next week. 

Some of the girls have been making posters with Paint Shop Pro, slideshows with Microsoft PowerPoint  and Piper-Rose wanted to show her bookmark.