Sunday, 11 August 2013

3-D design

Term 3 is all about 3D design. The major programs the children will be working with is OpenSim, Google Sketchup, Blender and some online programs.
The children have a lot of fun with OpenSim or OpenSimulater. This is a free open source 3D server. Children can use it to create a virtual world.
They can use the “sandbox”  Here the children create objects like planes, pets and clothing. They can also use coding to help them doing that.
Multiple users can enter the virtual world, develop their own person and interact with each other.
The objects the children have made with Google Sketchup or Blender can be loaded into OpenSim. The program has become very popular in our ITKids Club.

This 3-D world is a combined creation of the students 

Garry helping with OpenSim

All sorts of 3-D objects can be created in this virtual world
Frequently asked questions about OpenSim are here, if you want to know more about it

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