Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Some of the work of 2014 part 1

 By Alex 
By Sean

The children have been colouring in these buildings with Pixlr and used the magic wand to cut out some pictures to paste them in.

In  one session the children learned to create shadows which was quite a challenge

By Jahmana

By Luseanne
We show you some work the children have done. We also have done robotics, ROblox, Scratch, Kodu and so much more. It was such a busy year as we had to move premises and some other challenges. The children have however worked hard as always and in a few post we just show a little bit of what they have done

We made some stamps and a collage of existing and self made stamps on Gimp

By Miriama
We  assembled some cool cars

By Jacob


We made Gif''s with GIMP 

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