Sunday, 28 June 2015

Term 1 IT Kids

In term 1 2015 with our new volunteers Sachin and Toby we’ve been learning about Electronics and Programming. Sachin runs an online hobbyist electronics store, and Toby is a recent graduate in Information Technology at CPIT. We’re so grateful to have such friendly, helpful and skilled volunteers!

We’ve explored the basics of electronics with our Arduino kits. These devices combine the ability to build simple circuits on a solderless “breadboard” with a programmable microcomputer. So far, we’ve played with lights, switches and resistors to make some Christmas tree lights.

Since recently received funding from the Mazda foundation to buy more Scribbler robots, we now have 8 robots. The robots can be programmed to move using their wheels, and respond to their environment with sensors. The kids had great fun sending their robots through an obstacle course.

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