Thursday, 14 March 2013

Coding a game and an app for your mobile phone

The IT Tech Kids at have dived straight into 2013, taking on a ton of new and exciting projects.
This past week, Levi, one of the students, has been involved in making a video of the game he made with Scratch. It’s a game he has been working on for three weeks, and this is the final result. He’s rated it an impressive 5/5. Check it out:

Our kids use Scratch/BYOB an extended version of Scratch. It is an easy to use programming language. The children can drag and drop blocks of code to build their game or story. It stimulates their creativity, thinking skills and of course it teaches them the basics of programming or coding.

The kids were also introduced to Thomas Suarez, the tech-whizz whose app-creating powers can’t fail to inspire. Thomas’s eagerness, interest and ability are a reflection of what kids are capable of if given the right opportunities. 

After watching the video, the IT kids are rearing to get started on their own apps, and have set their sights on the MIT App Inventor as their next goal. They are going to follow the first tutorial to make a cat which meows when you point to it with your mouse. This app will be shown on a simulator once finished.

The kids are also working with Kodu, so there are more exciting results to look forward to.
Stay tuned to see what the IT Kids will be coming up with next!  

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