Sunday, 24 March 2013

A field trip to Orion Health

Last Thursday we went on a trip to Orion Health. Since the beginning of this term we've been learning about programming. The kids learned to code with Kodu and Scratch. They learned how to make apps and had a play with Turtle, a learning environment for Python for children.
What could be better than visiting the professionals to see how real programmers work? So we did just that.

We had a 10-minute walk, then on our arrival, Michael from Orion was there to welcome us.

At the headquarter we found the programmers at work. Our curious kids had a closer look.
The children seated themselves around the boardroom table, where they learned about some of the developers' projects. We learned that design is as important as programming and that every project gets chopped up into manageable parts. Each team works on a separate project. The kids asked lots of questions and when Samantha wanted to know the names of the teams they took this on as a new idea and will bring it to the meeting next time.
Having had a productive time, we took a photo of ourselves and the programmers before we left.

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