Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Soccer re creation at IT Kids

Our new teacher, who is working on a PHD in education, had some commitments so we took over.
The children have been working very hard to learn 3D design and graphic design skills so we had
a free session were the kids could choose their own software to recreate a soccer game.

Some programmed our robots with 12 blocks and than played some games.

12 blocks is software setup to programme robots. Like Scratch it uses visual blocks you can drag and drop. The program also provides debugging tools which are very helpful. It also works with Arduino, Lego Mindstorm and Tbot to name a few.

One of the kids programmed it to defend the goal by moving up and down.
The other programmed it to move the paper ball into the goal.
They were also programmed to talk and said e.g." I am Persie" which is the Dutch soccer player.

One of the girls filmed the scene with our camera and together we put it on Animoto, which the kids use to make slideshows and video's

As one of the mentors is Dutch , there was support for the Dutch team as you see in this drawing
made with Unfortunately the Dutch lost in the semi finals against Argentina.

This game was created in Lego Digital Designer  and many games were created with the builder in Roblox, online software which you can build whole worlds and interact with others.

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